Real Simple ways to Clean and Maintain a Gas Grill

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Barbeques are all about food, friends and fun! Post barbeques are synonymous with grill cleaning. Grill cleaning and maintenance is a serious affair, this requires adequate gear. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your grill station.

There are numerous products available in the market. Grill cleaning is not an arduous task, if you have the right equipment. We look at simple steps to clean your grill and then review best products that can aid cleaning.

Carbonise the grill

First turn up the grill again at a high temperature put back the lid such that the heat is trapped inside. This will carbonise the food bits and grease on the grill. With minimum scrubbing, the dirt will come right off the grill.

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Prep for cleaning

After the first step, the grill will be too hot to handle. Wait for the grill to cool down, in the meantime you can gather the tools for grill cleaning. The gear required for grill cleaning are listed below –

  • Scrubber / brush
  • Cleaning solution
  • Warm water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Damp and dry cloth

Once the grill cools down, you can soak it in warm water, which will further reduce the scrubbing work.

Scrub your way through the station

  • Once the grill has soaked long enough, it is time to start scrubbing. You can use a scrubber or a brush for this. It is better to protect your hands with rubber gloves. If you are unable to reach the sides of the grill tray, then you can use an old toothbrush.
  • You will have to clean away other components of the barbeque station like the lid, stand, insides of the grill station, tray etc., if there is food / grease left in any of the parts, it could result in fungus.
  • If the scrubbing does not take away all the grease and food bits, you could use baking soda and water. For other tough stains, rubbing plain vinegar will do the trick.

Dry off with a dry cloth

Prolonged exposure to water will cause the station to rust. Hence, it is important to dry the station completely. When the entire station is bone dry, you will have to store it in a dry place. This will avoid corroding the metal. It is ideal to invest in a good cover, which will keep away dust from settling on the station.

Lubricate the station

Rubbing olive oil over the grill will lubricate, which will not only enhance the appearance of your station. It will also prevent rusting of the station and grill.

Clean burners regularly

Using a pin or thin wire, remove the food debris from the burners, this will prevent clogging of the vents in the burner.

Product features

We now look at grill cleaning gears available in the market. It is important to invest in the right set of accessories, to increase the longevity of the station.

Weber grill cleaning kit

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This kit would include the following cleaning gears –

  • Grill spray cleaning solution
  • Stainless steel polish
  • Scraper for scraping food and grease
  • Stain removing solution
  • 10 grill scrubber pads

This kit is endorsed by the world’s most popular brand “weber”. It is a known name in the grilling space. They have a huge market share in electric, charcoal and gas grilling stations. Hence, they have ample experience and knowledge of the requirements for cleaning and maintenance of grill stations.

The cleaning solution and stain removing solutions are specially designed to remove all the grease and food particles. It is important to use these types of specialised solutions; mere soap may not be effective. If the grease and food particles are not cleaned properly, it could collect and build fungus. It would also pass on a foul smell to the food prepared on the grill.

Abam grill brush 3 core stainless steel


The brush is the most important gear while cleaning the barbeque station. You will have to evaluate if the brush is suitable for your barbeque station. The grill brush from abam is the most popular brush which comes with 3 core stainless steel brush heads with one handle. The brush is also angled to reduce the pressure on the hand while cleaning. The handle is 18 inch which is sturdy and provides optimal results.

The bristles are made of stainless steel which has the ability to remove the toughest of stains. This brush is suitable for all types of grills – weber, charcoal, ceramic or porcelain grates. The handle length is safe which will avoid burning of hands. It has a polymer taping, which offers appropriate grip. A hoop at the end of the handle makes it easy to store. Also, the brush is dishwasher safe.

Weber grill cover (44in x 60in) with storage bag for genesis gas grills

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This is a 100% polyester cover, which is good for all weather conditions. The fabric is soft and can be easily placed and removed. It comes along with a bag that is sewn as part of the cover. The cover can be folded and placed within this bag, which can be fastened with a Velcro and hung up.

The bag, hoop is not in sight when the grill station is covered. This cover helps avoid settling of dust, thereby, you need not clean the barbeque station before use. Keeping the grills covered also prevents the metal from corroding. The product comes with a 3 year warranty.


Investing in a good barbeque station is only half the job done. Buying the right cleaning accessories is equally important. Grill cleaning right after the barbeque party is pertinent. Letting the grease and food particles to harden will only make the cleaning effort tougher. Often it is suggested that you can leave the grates soaking in cleaning solution overnight which will reduce the scrubbing effort.

Also, grill cleaning should involve cleaning of all the parts of the grill including the stand, lid and trays. Always air dry your station completely, leaving it moist for too long will cause the metal to rust. Lubricate the parts and cover the station before your store it away in a clean dry place. Proper grill cleaning and maintenance will increase the life of your barbeque station!

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