The Best of Outdoor Electric Grills – 2020 review

To make a memorable summer day, you can now stage a cookout. You can do this without gas or charcoal. There is no need for a huge backyard as well. Outdoor electric grills can give you the best charred steaks, burgers and vegetable seared kebabs.

Outdoor Electric grills are a great addition to your kitchen; they are easy to work with, less messy, energy efficient. They maintain a constant temperature, lowers the chances of fire accidents sharply. It lends an intense sizzle to the barbequed food; it does not include the stench of gas or charcoal.

It is easy now to serve some lip smacking barbequed platter. We review the top three products in this space to help you choose the one that suits your need.

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Product Features Listing

We first understand the features each of these top three products offer. The outdoor electric grills are then assessed for their suitability.

Suitability Analysis of Outdoor electric grills

As they say, the devil is in the details. All of the above products are top class in their category. However, what suits you is what matters. Each of them offers a different look and feel. We now look at the nuances to arrive at the best product aligned to your needs.

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

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Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

Weber Electric Grills are expensive. They are a known brand in this space. Quite stylishly built, there is absolutely no space for compromise on quality. The cooking space is quite spacious, thereby providing for more servings in every cooking. This also translates to some energy efficiency. The cooking and cleaning is an easy affair.

This outdoor electric grill is a great means to entertain family and friends at home (not indoors) or on Patios. The temperature around which one would be grilling would be in the range of 300+ degrees Fahrenheit.

The cleaning is quite simple, after letting the grill cool completely; a damp cloth will be used to wipe the grill. They also have a built-in drip pan, the grease and fat flows into this drip pan. This can be cleaned off separately.

Weber provides a power cord which is 6 feet long only. The product catalogue specifically mentions that extension cord should not be used. This could potentially cause electrical fire to rise upwards.


  • Is the best known brand in this space
  • Design is ingenious; requires very less space
  • Advanced heat controls
  • Cooking and cleaning is easy
  • Certification and warranties in place


  • No built in thermometer; burn detectors available
  • Power cord could be short
  • Cannot be used indoors, the smoke could turn on the alarms
  • Expensive

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This is a well-known brand that brings out the most sophisticated outdoor electric grills. Although the cost is on the higher side, their quality more than compensates for it. Cooking and cleaning is easy. It also has a reasonably large cooking space. This provides for reasonable energy efficiency. It is best suited for hosting friends and family outdoors.

George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

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George Foreman GFO240S Indoor/Outdoor

This grill is designed for both Indoor and outdoor. It is designed keeping in mind the apartment dwellers. It has a non-stick grill surface; thereby cleaning seems to be the easiest thing. It is also quite affordable.

This Electric grill is built with a capacity as high as 500 degree Fahrenheit. The smoke from the grill gets supressed considerably, due to the drain off drip pan design. This also enables retention of moisture, which is essential for a perfectly grilled product.

This outdoor electric grill eliminates inconsistency in the heating technique. The cooking space is designed for even distribution of heat. It has five heat settings, which enable control of heat. Due to its sloping grill plate, the fat drips off into a separate inbuilt drip tray. It promises to reduce the fat by 42%, thereby providing a healthy palate.


  • Suitable for indoors as well – Reduces smoke
  • Compact design and easy to move
  • Even heat distribution for a juicy and healthy finished product
  • Easy cleanup with inbuilt drip tray


  • Does not provision for smokiness in the finished product
  • A storm could topple the setup, the stand is not built for rough weather
  • Sheds heat in cold season, becomes impossible to use during cold season

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It is a great value for money. It is a compact design which is ideal for indoors. Easy setup, cooking and cleaning makes it a good product. It is still flimsy compared to other models and the sturdier conventional charcoal grilling counter. The taste of the finished product has enough moisture, but does not have the authentic traditional flavour.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

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Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric

This outdoor electric grill is sturdy in stormy conditions as well. It is designed for all seasons, thereby retaining heat when the weather is cold. It comes in seven different colors, unlike its competitors who do not offer much variety in this department.

It is moderately priced for the features that it offers. The grill plate is designed to easily reach temperatures up to 550 degree Fahrenheit. There are no hotspots or cold spots on the grill counter; it has a universal heat distribution. This ensures consistent grilling of the food.

For the smoky flavor, there are a few work around. Pre-soaked wooden pieces wrapped in an aluminium foil with holes will produce the required authentic smokiness to the finished product. In addition to the 240 square inch prime grilling space, an additional 80 square inch secondary grilling rack is provided.


  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Sturdy build with a stand which can hold its ground during stormy conditions
  • Reasonable price
  • Additional grilling rack


  • Difficult setup
  • Model does not have a tool rack
  • Power cord is five feet long which is short (extension cords are not advisable)

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It is a reasonably priced grill with a sturdy build. They offer an extra grilling rack; the cooking space is considerably large compared to its competitors. There is a variety of colors available. Like all other outdoor electric grills, it is easy to use and clean. Although the setup is a little tougher than the rest, it is not flimsy. It can be used across all weathers.